With 1728 km per hour threw Europe

Film project
From Austria to Russia by bicycle
 1 Frame per 20 Meters

Austria - Czech Republik - Germany – Poland - Baltic States - Finland - Russia

A documentary film made during a bike journey to Russia. Every 20 meters my smartphone took a photo. The resulting stop motion animation shows the exact distance between Austria and Russia and the border of human perception in an experimental way.

A digital camera was installed into the front section of my bicycle, which shot one picture per 10 wheel revolutions. That means, when the wheel of my bicycle had turned around ten times, the camera was triggered.
This system worked using a smartphone, a headphone connection and an application which developed for these experiments. The setup was charged by my bicycle dynamo.

The journey was pretty hard for us. We rode northwards where winter starts early. The film system worked really well and I successfully captured shots the whole way. The film consists of 209 000 photos.
It took me three months to reach Moscow. Post production was also difficult, because I had to stabilize every picture by hand. This took three months of work. Now I start to make the music for the whole film.

Thanks to:
Hansi Raber for technical support.

Matthias Radner and Eva Billinger for accompanying me.